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Welcome to the 21st century of reporting

Business Intelligence - Automating reporting streams

And everything related to Microsoft Power BI & Fabric


Our services

Business Intelligence development and consulting

Developing and improving data mining

Putting together data streams from various systems (data integration)

Developing BI solutions to gain valuable insights and make decisions based on data

Data analysis and Data Science

Performing analyses (e.g. for your workforce, clients or in forensics, marketing etc.)

Optimizing corporate expenses, outlier detection or cluster analyses (segmentation)

Automating your reporting

Making current excel based solutions dynamic and more automated

Modernizing reporting streams with state of the art tools (Microsoft Azure)

Increasing efficiency by automating manual, error ridden tasks

Developing dynamic reports and dashboards - using these on the web or in a mobile app

On-site or online coachings and seminars in Microsoft Power BI


Because of our expertise in Microsoft Power BI and related tools, we can harness the time and resource savings of the latest technologies in the Microsoft universe.

We strive to develop reports which are beautiful and intuitive to use. Our goal is to offer users an attractive report and straight-forward interaction with it.

We understand that costs are important. We usually charge a competitive hourly rate for development and consulting. Additional licensing costs depend on your requirements.

Covid report

Live Demos

Sample HR report

Sample sales report

About us



Having started out in the consulting industry in Vienna and Amsterdam, being self employed was the obvious next step in 2018. Since then we mostly worked for clients in the German speaking areas.

Combining our know-how in business and economics with our expertise in BI gives customers a nice mix of skills.

In 2020 the first team members joined Brunner BI.

By 2022, the team grew to 5 people.


Our goal is to create a reporting solution with the highest degree of automation possible. Ideally 100% automated so the developer only has to supervise and maintain the reports.

Building a picture perfect report in Power BI is quite hard. Instead of perfection, we strive to offer a mix of high quality and speed of development.

We always have an eye for usability and design.


Our focus is on Microsoft Power BI, depending on the project, we also use related tools like:

-Azure Synapse Analytics

-Azure Data Factory (SSIS)

-MS SQL Server (Azure SQL)

-Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate)

-Azure AutoML und Cognitive Services




We can offer

deep knowledge in

Microsoft Power BI.


Contact us

Phone: +41 76 723 2735

Zug, Switzerland

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