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Dataflows gets around the 3,000 cell enter data limit in Power BI

Most of you have had this problem and it is annoying, pasting a larger table into Power BI via Enter Data.

The limit is 3,000 cells and it has not been increased in a long time.

There are all kind of innovative solutions on the web to get around this issue.

From pasting multiple times and then appending the queries to putting all your values into one column (as explained here).

We can also take advantage of all the new things coming to Power BI over time. One of those things is taking advantage of Dataflows.

In Dataflows there is a 512KB limit for pasted data (per table).

How much is 512KB? As in most cases, it depends, on your data!

We have tested it for numbers and text values, take a look at the short clips below.

512KB can easily hold XXX.XXX rows if you have numbers or text values that are not distinct.

Make sure you click on "save & close", this is when the limit will be tested.

Pasting a large number of text values into Dataflows

Pasting decimal values into Dataflows

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